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About Us

For the last few years, Prince Georges County clergy and Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) organizers have been working to create an IAF affiliate organization in Prince Georges County, Maryland.


Our Goals:

  1. Growing a broad-based, multi- racial, multi-faith, strictly non- partisan, countywide citizens’ power organization, rooted in local congregations and associations. ​

  2. Committed to training and developing neighborhood leaders, to addressing community issues.

  3. Representing families in every section of the county and reflecting theological, racial, geographic, and economic diversity.

  4. Creating long-term power through a broad and united front of organized institutions, organized people, and organized money–acting consistently and persistently for change on multiple issues at the neighborhood, county, regional, national levels.

  5. Engaging leaders across the divides of race, culture, income, faith, and neighborhood in order to initiate public action on their issues (e.g. affordable housing, public safety, youth, etc.).

Who We Are

An organization that represents families in every section of Prince George’s County and reflects its theological, racial, geographic, and economic diversity.

We Need Your Support Today!

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